The Binsar Forest Trail

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14th June, 2022


Since our inception, we have wanted to execute meaningful journeys that truly explore India.
For our first guided experience, we have selected the magnificent Binsar Forest in the heart of the Kumaon Himalaya. This unique experience is the winner of 3 WTM Responsible Tourism awards.

This forest trail is punctuated with breaks at four or five villages inside the sanctuary. Each village consists of only 3 to 10 households, and together, these kindly folk run and manage comfortable guesthouses and feed you steaming hot Kumaoni food straight from their wood fires and farms.

Rest up, eat well, and unwind on beautiful porches with your fellow hikers and engage the locals in discussions that we promise will give you a new perspective on mountain culture. The people here are intelligent, good-humoured, and excited to welcome you to their corner of the world.

We have conceptualized this experience as the perfect balance of active holidaying, nature therapy, and cultural immersion without compromising on comfort, privacy, and safety. At the heart of this are the core principles of sustainable travel:
a non-intrusive holiday that does not disturb the traditional, agricultural, and economic aspects of our community partners.

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Each village has a guesthouse owned and managed by the village committee. This encourages ownership – and with it comes the kind of care and attention that you just won’t find in a hotel.

Stay in homes built in the local vernacular by craftsmen using materials like stone and wood, with wooden doorways, windows, and mud-plastered walls that keep the rooms warm.

Each house has a common dining room and a small terrace outside with comfortable seating so you can soak in the sublime scenery.

There are three bedrooms in every guesthouse that hold two beds each. You will sleep on soft mattresses, clean sheets, and have thick blankets to comfort you at night.

The Villages

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Food and hospitality

Food is served at fixed hours. Meals are fresh, simple, nutritious, and cooked in a traditional kitchen, on wood-fire.

Bhaang chutney, bicchu saag, hot rotis, and bhatt ki churkani – these are some of the local delicacies you can savour during your stay.

For breakfast, expect fresh fruit and country chicken eggs.

The village community team has received training in hygiene, home management, and cooking – but they aren’t professional hoteliers. Their welcome is genuine and their sense of hospitality comes naturally.

Your hosts, guides, cooks, housekeepers, and porters are all drawn from different families across each village, sharing both the pleasure of hosting you and the financial benefit.

There is ongoing monitoring to check that these benefits are spread around the households over each travel season.

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The village of Gonap is full of small terraced farms that grow chillies, onions, garlic, turmeric, and cucumbers. Walk through a canopy of delicate bamboo and you will arrive at your home for the night. Take in the sight of a stunning valley and forests that transform in the early sunset. Look northward, and you might be lucky to see the snow-capped peaks of western Nepal. The local Golu Devi temple is a short hike away. From here, you can see a 200 degree panoramic view of the Himalayan mountains.

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