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A calm atmosphere, distant waterfalls, mountains, trees, peacocks and parrots are all sights and sounds that have become a rare phenomenon in the city. But a sleepy village, in the periphery of Jim Corbett National Park still holds on to all these wonders of nature. A place for you to rest and rejuvenate your aching body and tired spirit. A Hamlet in the Woods, is community-based homestay spread over 6 acres in a beautiful organic farm, amidst mango, gooseberry and bamboo trees on the foothills of the Himalaya. The host family own the homestay but the entire village community is involved in the management from guiding, cooking delicious organic meals, growing vegetables, dairy and poultry and organising adventure activities etc. The property follows sustainable practices in the running of the homestay, like the use and reuse of materials, employment of the local community, locally sourced organic vegetables for cooking and conducting awareness programmes for the conservation of the environment and heritage. Staying here opens up an opportunity for city dwellers to understand the importance of maintaining an ecological balance between man and nature.


The property comes with 5 rooms in all which includes 4 private rooms and an 8 bed dormitory. The baths and washrooms are shared. For those who like to camp in the woods, tents can be set up too. Guests are welcome to read, work and play at concept-based open resto-cafe cum library. You can help out or walk around the farm and the nearby forest. Guests can also cook in the kitchen and have their meals in the common area attached to the dorm. For music-gatherings in the winter sun or under the stars, a little set-up has been made amidst mango trees.


All meals prepared are in house by the community cooks using fresh, organic herbs and vegetables from the farm. The food prepared is usually in authentic Kumaoni style and includes a variety of vegetables. Non-veg food is also served upon request.

ideal for

Ideal for backpackers, solo travelers and people looking for a sense of community in their travels. An amazing setting for birdwatchers, wildlife and butterfly enthusiasts to go on walks and safaris to explore the wonders. People who like to experience authentic village life will find joy in the simple lifestyles followed by the locals.

getting there

The property is located in a beautiful village, 20 kms from Ramnagar in Uttarakhand, close to the main entry into Jim Corbett National Park. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Apart from lazing and exploring the beautiful natural surroundings near you, guests can also partake in several activities. To start with, you can explore the forests of Jim Corbett in open-top jeep safaris. If you’re lucky, you can spot all the big mammals and countless numbers of birds here. From the property itself you can engage in guided village walks, nature trails and engage in farming experiences like ploughing, harvesting, milking of cows, feeding cattle and foraging the woods for edibles. Guided bird and butterfly walks are some of the most popular activities here. For bookings, get in touch with us.


Prices start at Rs. 1100 for single occupancy, inclusive of all meals.

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