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Perched at 4,500 ft by the base of Karnataka’s third-highest mountain, and sprawling over 75 acres, this pocket-friendly homestay with humble roots spanning 40 years of supporting hikers, researchers, scientists, and conservators is surrounded by magnificent rainforests and lush green coffee estates. The property’s mission for the last four decades has been to provide a safe haven to observe the natural beauty of Coorg while simultaneously provide hot home-cooked meals and a bed to rest for visitors of all kinds exploring the Western Ghats. Built using traditional techniques and local materials such as laterite rock, mud and tiled using Mangalore tiles, the property’s core mission has been to support wildlife research, conservation, and empower the nearby tribal villages with 100% local employment. The homestay provides a natural environment that is both soothing and sublime and is emphasised by the symphony of the forests where guests enjoy long walks, or just find the perfect corner to do nothing. Out here in the rainforest, one steps into the larger living space that is shared with over 150 different species of birds, butterflies, a plethora of flora and fauna endemic to this region. In essence, every guest gets an opportunity to experience the region just the way they were meant to – in all it’s natural splendor and superlative simplicity.


Depending on your group size and the type of traveler you are, there are several accommodation options available in different sections of the property. For instance, a family would enjoy staying in a room with attached bathrooms and private sit outs, while a backpacker might prefer a shared room, with a shared bathroom and a common sit- out. The preference for a room can also be based on the different pricing standards of each room. Please get in touch so we can help you pick the right accommodation. Hot water is available at a select time everyday, completely powerd by solar. There’s a library for the book worm, friendly farm animals and a lot of open spaces to explore. The property is functional all year.


There’s a common dining area for guests serving buffet meals. All the food provided is home-cooked, locally sourced and authentic Kodagu style meals served at specific timings. Chicken and pork dishes, along with snacks for the evening need to be requested in advance. Guests are expected to respect the meal schedule and be present on time for their meals in the common dining hall. If guests plan to skip any meals, they are requested to let the hosts know in advance or will be charged for it.

ideal for

Ideal for trekking enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, scientists exploring the Western Ghats, amateur and professionals alike who study birds, butterflies and frogs. Students, yoga and meditation groups, nature-enthusiasts, stargazers, spiritualists, readers, writers, alternative lifestyle followers. What is common here is, you will see people who seek solitude and quiet – individuals and families with the simple desire to unplug from the 24×7 grind of everyday life in the cities. Those that seek rest and rejuvenation for their body, mind, and soul. The mountains are calling. We’ll keep a room ready.

getting there

From the base of the mountain to the top of it, where the property is located, is a steep 4 km journey accessible only by 4×4 provided by the hosts. Available only from 7 am to 8 pm, so plan to get there accordingly. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Most visitors here enjoy forest walking and hiking, stumbling upon various water bodies and sources, to do nothing at all, to breathe easy and rejuvenate their mind and body. Several hiking and trekking paths start within the property. For the herping enthusiast, the property even has its own Batracharium!


Prices begin at Rs. 700 for backpacker rooms and upwards of Rs. 2,500 for groups of three or more. Prices mentioned are exclusive of meals and GST.

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