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Set at the edge of one of the last pristine beaches of Goa, this ancestral 75-year-old Goan home, in a quaint fishing village has been maintained in its original form as far as decor and landscape go, with only a few minor aesthetic changes. This helps enable the guests to experience the old world charm of the house in comfort, whilst using its laid back atmosphere to relax and soak in what Goa originally stood for. The property doesn’t aspire to be a typical luxury villa – instead, the idea is to transport one back in time with modern comforts. Although the property is located only a few meters away from the beach, what makes the experience captivating are the forests, the rivers and the hills that surround it. The beach serves as a nesting site for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles and is, therefore, an environmentally protected piece of land. The hosts strive to help preserve the environment around them whilst educating locals and tourists alike on the imminent need for conservation.


The house itself can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably. The two rooms are decorated with antique furniture and original features – offering the feeling of a typical Indo-Porto home. The house features two double bedrooms (one with original canopy beds), a large, naturally lit, and airy living room, a separate dining area, a compact fully equipped kitchen kitted out with a fridge, cooker, and utensils, and a small loo and shower room. There is also plenty of outside space: a big sandy garden with hammocks and a barbeque grill under the coconut palms with a gorgeous front balcony overlooking the sleepy village and its church. Additionally, the property also has three Indo-Portuguese styled huts that can accommodate up to 2 persons each quite comfortably. They are furnished with traditional vintage Indian furniture and offer elegance, simplicity, and comfort. The property is functional all year.


The house is stocked up with breakfast items (tea, coffee, milk, eggs) and a few other essentials such as filtered water, masala powders and cooking oil that one can use during one’s stay. Additionally, there are provision stores close by where one can buy other essential items for the kitchen. Delicious traditional Goan meals can also be delivered to the house cooked by local women at an additional charge.

ideal for

The property is perfect for travellers who would like to experience the quieter and authentic side of Goa, in a traditional Indo- Porto home. Ideal for couples and families.

getting there

The property is located at one of the southernmost beaches of Goa, about 2 hours from the airport. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Apart from swimming in the sea, exploring the village around and long walks on the beach, we can arrange for a guided day hike deep into a Goan wildlife reserve, walking through a canopy of old growth forests, observing birds, and listening to the sounds of the forest. Along the way, enjoy exhilarating views of the Western Ghats atop an 85-foot treehouse!

We can also organise for an excursion into the Goan backwaters along with a local fisherman whose family has been making a living off the sea for generations. Learn a few tricks of the fishing trade, and learn to use traditional methods of crab catching using bait and traps used by the fishermen.

Finally, we can put together a beautifully curated trip to a pristine waterfall a few hours from the property including a local meal.

Pre-bookings are mandatory for all activities.


Prices begin at Rs. 8,500 a night at the property.

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