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If you want to visit a quiet beach, escape the pressures of life in the big city, Seas the Day is the place to be! Away from the crowds of Mangalore and Manipal, nestled on the pristine sands of a secluded beach yet undiscovered by tourists, the beach house is picturesque, charming and with all the comforts and vibe of a home. The property works closely with the local community from the village who are directly benefited from the guests who visit it. The fisherman’s family act as caretakers of the property, the nearby restaurants you dine at or call for take outs, the rickshaw drivers who do door pick ups, the boatman who take you to sea, all, neighbours you can call at any time, no matter how big or small your request they will reach out to their network to find a way of fulfilling it. The property is built thoughtfully using local laterite stone, a 250 year old indegenious technique of coating the inside walls with egg shells, egg white and lime, which meant they could be left unpainted and will not require a coat of paint for life. Every part of the house has been carefully designed like the pebbles implanted at the sit out, the old door upcycled and restored into a dining table and the teak wood windows and doors sourced from homes belonging to the British Raj.


The house has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, each room has been specifically designed to catch the sea breeze, and by doing so, the need for air conditioners even in the peak of Indian summers are not necessary. Comprising of two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a living, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a terrace which opens out from the first-floor bedroom and a verandah on the ground floor. The area’s unspoilt beaches make sure that you can hike along the coastline for miles. Although the property is a self catering accommodation, the caretaker will come once a day to clean the house and do the dishes.


While you are expected to carry your own food supply and cook for yourself, if you wish to have a home-style Mangalorean meal complete with fluffy sanas, fish fry, fish curry and rice, then caretakers will cook up all meals for you.

ideal for

Family and friends groups between 8 to 10 adults. Single and double occupancy is possible too.

getting there

A mere 45 minute drive from Mangalore airport and you are at the beach house! Accurate details will be provided upon confirmation.

things to do

Barely 500 meters from the property is a 115 year old, fully operational lighthouse built high on basalt rocks. One can go up the lighthouse before sunset for some superb views of the coastline and the sea. You can even head out to sea to view Dolphins, or starp your life-jacket on for a bit of exhilarating open-water swimming experience. Additionally, you can visit St Mary’s island made up of distinctive columnar basaltic lava, dating back to when India broke away from the continent of Africa. If you’re in the area between December and April, you may be lucky enough to catch one of Karnatak’s renowned buffalo races held in paddy fields and draw crowds of 20,000 people.


Starting at Rs. 6000 for double occupancy and Rs. 13000 for the entire home (upto 8) with all meals included.

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