the space

The property, located an hour away from the bustling city of Bangalore shares its boundaries with a rich, biodiverse state forest. The property boasts of a small cabin in the middle of the woods made of an upcycled shipping container from Bermuda from the late 2000s. This gives the sole room on this property the feel of a tiny home that allows one the space required to accommodate a decluttered and simple lifestyle. The aim is to develop areas for living out of material that promotes having a low footprint along with the basic necessities one needs for their comfort. The property establishes a sense of simple lifestyle (downsizing and reducing things in the home) that promotes people to adapt to these spaces without detaching too much from their comfort zone. The idea is to create a home that also caters to the needs of relaxation in pristine environments which one would not usually get in cities.


The cabin comes with a small kitchen and an ensuite bathroom (with a geyser) plus a queen and single bed. The space is provided with picturesque large windows near the bed space, with the intention of inviting nature and greenery into one’s day as soon as you wake up. The hosts have also created an outdoor wooden deck that acts as a doorway to escape into nature. Just fix up that morning coffee or tea and enjoy the sunrise from the deck. The hosts place high importance on sustainability and conservation and urge their guests to follow leave no trace principles. The property is functional all year.


The cabin has a beautifully designed with a fully equipped kitchenette for one to explore their cooking ideas in a place like never before! Get your master chef hats on and get set to deep dive into an immersive experience of cooking! The guests are provided with a mini-fridge and an induction stove as well as some basic ingredients such as salt, sugar, and spices. If you don’t feel like cooking, you also have the option to enjoy the local scrumptious home-cooked meals prepared by the caretaker’s wife at an additional charge.

ideal for

The property is perfect for solo travellers who want to indulge in self discovery and self reflection. Couples as well as families (of four or less) will find the space comfortable and accommodating. The property is pet friendly and is meant for nature and animal lovers as well as those who believe in concepts of tiny homes and minimalistic lifestyles.

getting there

The property is located 90 minutes from Bangalore city. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Do nothing! Just be, relax, with fewer thoughts on one’s mind while soaking in that greenery that the hosts call forest bathing. Get your heart pumping by walking the rolling hills and trails around the campsite. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned hiker or an amateur, there is something for everyone. Set in a state forest that is spread over 250+ square kilometers of dry deciduous scrub jungle and is home to over 300 plant species, 150 bird species, and over 1200 species of animals, nature enthusiasts will find this property a feast for the senses.


Prices begin at Rs. 3,700 for doubles exclusive of taxes.

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