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Built on a two acre area, this heritage home’s construction took three years to complete. The host has converted his family-owned 110-year-old Haveli property in Kutch into a boutique homestay. The home is built with local sandstone in the classically ornamental Roha style. It consists of a portico, courtyards, stucco pavilions and pillared halls, representing traditional Kutchi architecture and style. The home also has a tennis court that gives the space a royal feel of how the Maharajas and Thakores once lived. Near the Great Rann of Kutch, India’s salt desert and Dholavira, a Harappan civilisation site, this region is also known as Flamingo City – as it is the breeding ground for these migratory birds. The host is a huge promoter of local crafts, such as appliqué work, metal wares and tie-and-dye, and often shares his knowledge of Kutch and nearby artisan villages with his guests.


The property has five heritage rooms each unique, exquisite and reflective of the local culture and heritage. Thanks to their dome-shaped archways, porticos and pillared halls, the haveli remains airy even during the summer. The property comes with a little library, too. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with modern amenities and spacious living and dining areas give one a feel of the past. For guests who’d like to spend a longer time and make the most of it, there is a family-run boarding school within the same premises that one can volunteer at. The property is functional all year.


Breakfast is included and Kutchi / Indian or continental meals are served in a vintage dining room or al fresco. Guests can also learn or watch the preparation of meals with the hosts willing to explain the nuances and expertise required in their preparation.

ideal for

The property is ideal for travel enthusiasts who appreciate heritage, culture or wildlife as there are many historic and birding sites close to the area. Travelers interested in observing Bandhini and bloc print work that is typical to Gujarati culture will also find a number of weavers to visit. The place is also ideal for nature lovers and bibliophiles who like to stroll in the orchards and read under the great Mango trees spread across the property.

getting there

The property is set in the district of Kutch, 50kms from the city of Bhuj. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

There are various activities available for one to do apart from the various interesting corners of the house and the adjoining farm. One can interact with locals and have an authentic rural Kutchi experience just by driving around or walking. From observing artists creating their own embroidery and mud and mirror inlay, lacquer work to leather products, copper bells, hand loom, block printing, silver work and pottery, one can get to know the people behind the art. One can visit the wetland conservation reserves of the Rann, where migratory and endangered species visit during the monsoon and winter months. One can visit the desert on a full moon night, the beautiful beaches at the Gulf of Kutch and number of historic temples.


Starting at Rs. 4,500 for doubles inclusive of breakfast.

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