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The Danish Court is a restored property that maintains modern comforts whilst retaining and conserving its heritage value. It overlooks the pristine shores of the eastern coastline and is situated in a lesser-known former Danish colony of India. Time stands still here in this sleepy village with beautiful streets. Enjoy the stunning beach a few steps away from the property. The Danish Court is the culmination of years of travel experience and a love of elegant architecture and functional design. It is constructed with lime, a biodegradable and eco-friendly material that allows the house to exude the vintage character that makes it so beloved. What is more exciting about the property though is that the experiences are built around responsible tourism and luxury that can be enjoyed in a sustainable manner. The property draws a large part of its power from the solar panels mounted on the terrace. The toiletries and insect repellents here are all-natural and 100% plant-derived. The dip pool is a saltwater pool, a healthier alternative to commonly found chlorinated swimming pools. The hosts have also made a conscious decision to use recyclable cloth-based garbage bags in order to minimize the plastic waste generated by the property. All in all, the Danish Court is beautifully and aesthetically designed, with ample privacy for every guest.


The Danish Court is designed around a beautiful courtyard open to the sky, with gorgeous trees and plants adorning its surroundings. The property has four tastefully maintained bedrooms with attached bathrooms and air-conditioners. A beautiful, fabricated staircase spans one of the buildings, serving as a support structure for greenery to encompass the space whilst giving the house a contemporary feel. Each piece of furniture is handpicked and reflects the aesthetic in its details. A dip pool occupies a part of the central courtyard, offering the perfect waterbody to dwell in and cool off during the hot Tamil summer! The Danish Court is operational all year.


In keeping with responsibility for the environment, The Danish Court is a completely vegetarian homestay. Expect home-cooked South and North Indian cuisine with a few secret recipes from the host’s family. Ingredients and produce are locally sourced or come straight from the organic farms run by the proprietors.

ideal for

The property is suitable for families, groups, and couples. Guests who appreciate history, heritage conservation, local culture, a quiet beach, etc. are welcome to be part of an experience that lets you travel back in time.

getting there

The property is located two hours south of Pondicherry. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

The Danish Court is located by the beach and one can take leisurely walks to the shore or enjoy swimming in the sea. Boat trips can be organised along the coast, with possible visits to fishing villages and homes of friendly fisherfolk. The highlight, however, is a large Danish fort that adorns the coast. Here is where you’ll see that majestic nautical sunrise you were looking forward to. An archaeological museum is situated inside the fort that holds a collection of curios and artefacts dating back to the 1600s. It also has fossils of early centuries, coins, fish bones, Chinese porcelain, and weapons. One can visit an ancient temple built in the 1300s which combines Chinese architecture with Tamil vernacular, possibly in an attempt to attract Chinese merchants who were visiting India at the time.


The property is priced at Rs. 6000/night for double occupancy inclusive of breakfast and taxes.

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