the space

An eco-farm, inspired by the Japanese form of minimalism and aesthetics and a first-of-its-kind in the locality, built completely using local materials. The property adheres to the core green principles of sustainability including having a solid waste management system, biogas plant, clean solar energy, organic farming, natural plantations of indigenous species and forest carbon monitoring. The farm will give an experience of the real countryside of Darjeeling region, with sights and sounds of natural forests and the beautiful vistas of tea gardens, rivers, and the valley. Out here you will be spending your time blending with pristine natural surroundings, Darjeeling’s rich cultural heritage, living guilt free in a property that is actively working towards offsetting your carbon footprint and eating fresh, organic and nutritious food. Your stay here will not just be a stay but an experience of going back to your roots entwined with nature.


An eco-stay in every sense of the word, the property’s sustainable design houses two luxury tents and one bamboo cottage with ensuite bathrooms and hot water showers. The bamboo cottage inspired by the famed IBUKU technique of South East Asia, has been built using bamboo from the plantation by local craftsmen and artisans. The rooms are nicely spread out across the 10 acre farm and boast of gorgeous views of the hills, valleys, rivers and forests. Guests have access to the entire farm, kitchen and dining areas. The property is operational throughout the year and is pet friendly.


A large portion of the food and ingredients are sourced straight out of the farm within the property. A wide variety of vegetables like tomatoes, sprouts, arugula, beans, celeriac, broccoli and many more are grown here. Food served here is local, organic, fresh, low in calories with a strong emphasis on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat dairy. Artificial salts, colours, flavours or preservatives are discouraged in the food preparations. If informed in advance, custom-made meals can be prepared on the basis of your preference. Guests can even cook their own meals made from fresh, farm-sourced ingredients grown at the property.

ideal for

The property is ideal for guests who are tired of the hullaballoo of hectic life in the cities and are looking for a quiet sanctuary to recover their mind and spirit. Perfect for small groups of friends, couples, families and nature enthusiasts. The property aims to serve as a model for sustainable initiatives – as a learning ground for children, researchers, think tanks etc., by demonstrating sustainable living methods.

getting there

The property is located at about an hour and a half away from Darjeeling in an offbeat village at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Accurate details will be shared upon confirmation.

things to do

Nature therapy/forest bathing, just being with trees and plants, no hiking, no counting steps, just meander, the point is to relax rather than accomplish anything are scientifically proven theories to improve your health. But for those looking for some action, the property offers carefully crafted itineraries that 4-6 hour day hikes to view natural forests, tea gardens, Darjeeling town and the big Himalayan mountains can be arranged. Tea tasting tours nearby or towards Darjeeling town under the guidance of a local is one of the highlights of the region. Mountain biking, nature walks, bird watching and riverside camping can be organised too. The property also hosts workshops on local building materials, sustainable landscapes, natural resource management, and wellbeing. Get in touch with us for more details.


Prices for luxury tents start at Rs. 3000 for double occupancy inclusive of breakfast.

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