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The Hermitage is a remote homestay set in the district of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 7200 ft. The house, originally built in 1994 is a restored shepherd’s home, built using mud, stone, and wood. Located at the peak of a mountain on a pasture surrounded by spruce, cedar and rhododendron trees, it is so stunning, it needs to be experienced to be believed. From here, you get a 360-degree view of the snow-capped Pir Pinjal ranges and the lower part of the Dhaulaudar ranges. The property can only be accessed by foot and requires a 2-hour hike from the closest road-head through dense forest of Devdar trees, terraced fields and tribal shepherd villages. The property is a standalone homestay, with no other homes in sight, located above the last village of the mountain by the grazing pasture. The only sounds to disturb you are the sound of birds, the whistling of the wind, and the bells of the cattle running around the meadow. From here, the sunsets are unobstructed, the lightning storms put on a show and at night you can watch the milky way around a warm campfire.


The property, built using mud, stone, cedar, and pine wood consists of 10 rooms, half of which come with ensuite bathrooms and the other half with common bathrooms. There is the possibility of an extra bed in three of the 10 rooms. Citing its remote location, the property isn’t fancy, but simple and comprises all the amenities necessary to ensure a comfortable stay. There is a common indoor dining area, a kitchen, and an outdoor fireplace to catch the warmth on a cold evening. The property is operational throughout the year.


If you stay here, all your meals will be prepared and provided at the property since there are no shops/restaurants/cafes etc in the vicinity. Despite its location, there’s a nice selection of options to eat from. Like any of our stays, the food provided here is locally sourced from the nearby settlements, the ingredients used are seasonal, greens and berries are foraged from the forest and meadows nearby, a great selection of pickles and preserves are available to go with your meals. A typical meal consists of traditional Indian items such as rotis, dal, rice, and vegetables. The food is simple, fresh, nutritious, and home-cooked by a local family living nearby. Non-vegetarian food can be arranged at an extra cost.

ideal for

The property is ideal for people who’d like to cut off from civilization and spend a few days in isolation. You could be a nature enthusiast, birder, hiker, or an artist, the property will surely inspire you to explore outside and within. May not be ideal for families or groups looking to go sightseeing and on drives. Yoga workshops, nature therapy workshops can be organised on request.

getting there

There are two ways to get here, and both require a hike. For those staying at our ‘Once upon a time’ property, you may choose to hike up the 10 km through thick forest to the property. For those visiting directly, you will have to use our services from Chamba since the 14 km distance from Chamba town requires you to drive through snakey, narrow paths that can only be traversed by experienced locals. From here, it is a 2-hour hike to the property, again through thick forests. Mules and porters will be arranged to take you up to the property comfortably. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

The property is perfect for experiencing authentic Himalayan life. During the summer day hikes and picnics can be organised and during the winter, when it snows, it becomes the perfect destination to enjoy snow and go on snow hikes. Apart from hikes and trails around the property, one can hike up to 9500ft from here. Wildlife enthusiasts are in luck since bears, leopards, porcupines, and boars are spotted in the vicinity. It goes without saying that this is a haven for birders and over 100 species have been spotted here. Guests who like to explore the cultural side of Chamba can visit gaddi (shepherd) villages and if you’re in luck, can be part of a festival/wedding celebration.


A minimum of two nights stay is required to experience the property. Prices are available on request. Drop us a message to know more.

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