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The brainchild of a former city couple who decided to leave behind their hectic professions and lead a quiet life in the countryside. Tucked away in a sprawling 8 acre mango farm, nestled amidst lush fields of sugarcane, bursts of marigold and green patches of paddy on one end to the mighty Cauvery river on the other. The farm is laden with over 70 mango trees, including half a dozen 100+ year old trees, the canopy of which covers half an acre! This fact is attested by the oldest villager who at over 91 years of age, remembers climbing these trees during his childhood. In addition to mangoes, the farm also produces coconuts, sugarcane, beans and lentils, to name a few. They are experimenting a self-sustaining model whereby the crops that are grown, the fruit trees that are planted, the organic vegetables, the cows that are reared and the waste that is generated for organic manure, fuse into the other to propel a living that is at once simple, organic and healthy. ​the farm beckons one into a serene world, where one can meditate and energise oneself with yoga and silence. The couple have opened the doors to their farm for like-minded individuals to revel in quietness and solitude. The property provides a much needed balm for a tranquil and relaxing getaway for all.


The 8 acre property houses 3 lovely rustic double bed cottages with ensuite bathrooms within it. Among them, the first is a hut, inspired by a stupa design, a classic throwback to a yesteryear hut with a stone or concrete seating at the entrance, where people used to relax in the days of yore. ​The other are twin cottages, with a common verandah, that have wooden slats for a ceiling and bay windows overlooking the farm. ​The flooring is of an endearing red oxide and the bathrooms are set in stone flooring which adds great charm, besides being skid proof. All three cottages are enveloped by the cooling canopy of the mango trees. ​The dining space is a thatched ‘pavilion’ right outside the cottages where one can enjoy an open air meal. A wooden swing and a hammock chair sway alongside the mango trees outside. The property has a maximum capacity of 9 adults and is operational throughout the year.


The food that is served at the property is exclusively vegetarian. The food you eat is fresh, wholesome and flavorful with a combination of harvests from the farm and locally sourced from the nearby villages. The hostess is an excellent cook and the cooking is predominantly done by her, with the staff assisting only in the prepping. Using the wide range of ingredients available, new recipes are usually tried out using grains like millets, instead of rice. Sugar is replaced by jaggery and the cold pressed coconut oil from the farm is used as the cooking medium wherever suitable. Expect innovative breakfasts consisting of idlis made out of red rice rava and red pumpkin, served with the famed coconut chutney and accompanying papaya or other seasonal fruit.

ideal for

This place is an ideal getaway for those who are seeking to get away from the big bad city and spend some time in quietude and calm. It is a great place for those families who would want their children to experience rural life and climb a tree or two, feed the cows and or feel the excitement of the peafowl’s call. The property is not a place for an action packed holiday or a partying destination. Smoking, alcohol, loud music, non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited.

getting there

The property is located about 60 kms before the city of Mysore and about 150 kms from Bangalore. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Apart from curling up on the delightful hammocks that are strung under the mango trees, one can choose to go bird watching among the plethora of birds that are sighted within the farm including fly-catchers, hornbills, minivets, owls, pittas, drongos etc. Additionally, one can take long leisurely walks to the sunset point which offers breathtaking views of the setting sun mirrored on the winding Cauvery river or choose to take the other path that passes by the village next door and get a glimpse of pastoral life in all its simplicity. There are cycles available on the farm if one wishes to cycle around the countryside and meander through the paddy fields along the tiny canals of the cauvery river. One can also take a trip to the ancient temples that are abound with tales of devotion, curses and blessings!


Rs. 2000 per person inclusive of stay and all three meals.

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