Responsible Travel

our outlook

Our business model is built around the core values of being responsible for the environment and the people we encounter on our travels. With our services, we aim to reconnect with nature and engage closely with local people and their cultures. We believe that less is more and that true happiness is an experience rooted in simplicity. Through our models, we aim to encourage the concepts of slow travel, long-term stays, and backyard exploration. Going slow means you have the opportunity to get off the tourist trail, understand cultures better, support local enterprises, and put responsible travel tips into action.

our approach

All our partner properties practice the fundamental ideals of responsible travel. Typically, they are owned and operated by small, independent hosts and not hotels or resorts. Over 70% of our partners have chosen to list with us over the bigger online booking platforms because we share the same principles and ethics. Staying at these locations may mean dropping the “demanding guest” mentality.

– All our properties have been personally verified by us and maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

– Many have been built using traditional methods with locally sourced or recycled materials.

-Many ancestral properties have been restored and help in the preservation of heritage, offering stories and lessons from the past to the present and future.

– Most of our properties are committed to having a low ecological footprint. Some, like our wilderness lodges, actively contribute to environmental and wildlife conservation.

– Almost all our properties come with organic gardens and farms, meaning most of the food on the table is locally sourced or straight out of the garden.

– We are committed to highlighting local cuisines. Ethnic and local food is wholesome and fresh, as well as ways to form a deep bond with the land and its soil.

– In some places, food and produce act as an extra source of revenue which allows the residents to stay in their homeland and preserve their cultures, rather than leave in search of jobs.

– Additionally, properties employ local men and women, empowering them as hosts, managers, chefs, guides, and educators.

our services

We offer our guests multiple services to help immerse themselves in the destination.

– Small, responsible, and authentic accommodations.
– Eco-conscious activities.
– End-to-end holiday planning, consultation, and facilitation.
– Small group, backyard exploratory tours, and treks.

Feel free to reach out to discuss offline bookings for destinations that you may not find on the website as they are not live yet.