the knowhere story

our philosophy

Knowhere Travel is driven by a profound passion that extends beyond the mere act of exploring new destinations. It appeals to individuals who share a deep connection with the natural world, indigenous traditions, captivating history, and the intricate web of ecology. This unique approach to travel compels us to engage in introspection. It presents a chance to broaden our perspectives, fully immerse ourselves in the untouched magnificence of nature, and gain wisdom through meaningful encounters with diverse cultures. These core principles fundamentally shape the essence of Knowhere Travel.

our approach

We believe that keeping our sense of wonder alive leads us to rediscover our innocence and respect for the elements. Living our beliefs, we have wandered far & wide discovering the rarest of eco-stays and activities. We’re talking lush wilderness lodges, secret local homestays, organic farms, and pristine beach houses. We’ve also uncovered experiential and eco-conscious activities for those who like to combine the art of doing nothing with active holidaying. If you’re looking for packaged tours, party pads, swanky hotels, or Disneyland tickets, this may not be the right place for you.

the motive

The global tourism industry is responsible for nearly a tenth of the world’s carbon emissions. Knowhere Travel’s mission is to help travellers make conscious choices to minimise their environmental impact, to support local communities, wildlife conservation, and heritage preservation by engaging in and promoting responsible, sustainable, and ethical travel practices.

who we are

Knowhere Travel Co was founded by Suman Sukumar, because he found a lack of genuine resources for responsible and conscious experiences in the country. His love for the outdoors has inspired his travels across the length and breadth of India over the past decade. He has traveled for leisure, exploration, and as a guide leading hiking, paddling, and motorbiking expeditions. Suman is certified in Wilderness First Aid, is a Leave No Trace trainer, and an alumnus of the celebrated NOLS Institute. He has deep interests in the environmental and social dimensions of India and uses his love for ecology, history, and indigenous cultures to curate immersive travel experiences for you.


With a diverse background in film, design, and writing, Co-founder Nupur Bala brings a unique perspective to travel and exploration. She joined forces with her friend at Knowhere Travel based on long-held ideas about making travel less performative and wasteful and more exploratory and meaningful. Nupur’s experience working in documentary films defined her to approach travel in rural spaces. As a lifelong student of both sociology and communications, her goal is to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities using travel as a tool. Her work behind the scenes fuels the company’s mission to provide travel experiences of the highest quality. She loves being outdoors, with many hours spent in water, on trees, and mostly, on the road.

the inspiration

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started,
And know the place for the first time.

(T.S. Eliott)