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privacy policy

Knowhere travel is devoted to protecting the privacy of its customers and subscribers. Any personal information and data that is stored shall not be shared with any external or third-parties. Your shared data will be handled with absolute compliance with personal data protection laws. We collect personal information only to better connect our members with our accommodations or activity partners. Additionally, user information will be collected for analytics for Knowhere travel to measure our site performance and statistics to improve the website and the overall user experience.

All personal and financial data collected will be from users who share their information voluntarily. During the inquiry and booking process, personal information like your name, location, email, and phone number might be shared with the host in order to coordinate logistics, confirm a booking, and to address back-end queries. We shall strictly use the information to complete the booking process and will not use it for any other purpose.

All users, whether registered or not, agree to the Privacy Policy by using the site, application, or our services. By registering to our email subscriptions, you accept to be sent updates on popular stays, activities, and news. Users can unsubscribe from Knowhere travel by emailing us at

cancellation policy

Knowhere travel allows hosts to use their respective cancellation policies which vary from property to property and activity to activity. Some cancellation policies are flexible, some moderate, and some strict as per the host/operator, property/activity’s policies. The cancellation terms are not mentioned on the property or activity listing page. However, we will share property cancellation policies upon inquiry, well before a customer commits to the booking. Guests are requested to review the cancellation terms before making the payment for confirmation. Knowhere travel cannot be held liable in case the guests do not read the cancellation terms and policy. In case cancellation policies are not shared, it is the guest’s responsibility to request for the same. Knowhere Travel reserves the right to cancel a booking without any refunds in case full payments or booking terms and conditions are not met at the stipulated time. Knowhere Travel reserves the right to cancel a booking in case of aggressive or foul behaviour from the guests towards our team, hosts, staff, local community, pets, wild animals etc, before or after the commencement of our services without any refunds. Knowhere’s service fee of 5% on the booking amount is non-refundable. All cancellation requests are considered valid only if an email confirmation is sent to Refunds are processed within 7 working days.

terms and conditions

We are registered and recognised by the government of India as Knowhere Travel and Packrafting India Private Limited.

We do not offer discounts.

We charge a non-refundable service charge of 5% at the time of booking our services.

Booking confirmations are made strictly through email and not through SMS, phone call, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Knowhere Travel believes in fair pricing for one and all. This is our promise to you. We promise to never overcharge our customers come what may. However, in rare cases, there might be services that are non-commissionable that we fulfill for our guests. In such cases, Knowhere Travel extends the right to charge a minor service fee on the final amount.

Surcharges may be applicable for all properties and activities during festivals, long weekends, and holidays.

Room prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Room bookings are subject to availability at the time of confirmation.

We do not accept payments in cash.

GST on accommodation and meals may be applicable.

Room and meal rates may be applicable to children.

Meals and activities offered at properties may have additional charges.

If the customer doesn’t express his/her dietary restrictions with Knowhere or the host 3-5 days before check-in, Knowhere cannot be held responsible if the prepared food is not suitable.

A booking will not be considered confirmed unless full payment has been made as per our payment terms.

Any damages to our properties, gear, equipment, linen, cutlery, furniture, staff, etc will need to be compensated by the guest.

If the host/operator cancels, Knowhere travel cannot be held responsible. We will try our best to ensure refunds are made. Additionally, Knowhere travel will support you to make an alternative booking; however, we do not guarantee that the price of the alternate booking will remain the same.

Not respecting our house rules shared with you on the website, email, vouchers etc are a punishable offense.

Knowhere doesn’t take responsibility in case of cancellations or modifications due to bad weather, political unrest, an act of god, etc. Cancellation fees may or may not be applicable.

Property information i.e name, location, contact details will be shared within 48 hours before check-in and only upon full payment.

If the full payment is not made, Knowhere has the right to cancel your booking without prior notice. In such a situation, cancellation terms will be applicable.

The photo/image/picture representation of properties and activities may not be 100% accurate since they can change depending on the season that you are traveling in.

The images on the website may or may not belong to Knowhere. The ones that do not belong to us, have been used after securing necessary permissions from the owner of the image.

Knowhere is a platform that connects the guest with the property or activity owner. The service quality has been vetted on many levels. However, since this is subjective, the complete responsibility of service fulfillment is in the hands of the property or host. In case the service does not meet your standards, Knowhere cannot be held responsible.

Knowhere cannot be held responsible if a guest falls sick, meets with an accident, gets injured from a fall/wildlife attack, suffers dehydration, AMS, heatstrokes, etc. We will prepare you with a list of do’s and dont’s, things to carry, etc. before the start of the trip to make sure you are fully aware of what to expect.

We request all our guests to carry their personal medications with them for the trip.

If you or a guest from your group suffers from any serious health issues, you must let us know beforehand.

If the host or activity provider decides to terminate your stay or activity for reasons such as disrespecting house rules, playing loud music/shouting/screaming, causing a nuisance, displaying any sort of violence, disrespecting staff/pets/local community, trespassing, etc. Knowhere travel cannot be held responsible. We do not condone or promote such behaviour from anyone and request everyone to remain respectful of their surroundings.

Please note, none of our properties are hotels or resorts and they do not offer luxuries such as room service, spas, housekeeping, etc.

Rights to admission reserved without refunds.

Our operating address is AWHO, Sandeep Vihar, Whitefield – Hoskote road, Bangalore 560067.

By visiting our site, making an inquiry, or booking with Knowhere travel, all users agree to our policies, terms, and conditions.