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The Aam Aur Chikoo farm stay is set on 14 acres of mango and chikoo orchards. With the landscape of Kutch as the backdrop, the earth house and tents are set amongst lush green trees that create an inviting canopy and oasis. The whole place is true to its rustic theme, while being well-lit and comfortable. One can lie under the tree on the sigri (traditional cot), with a book or get involved in farm activities at the property. One can experience a range of activities, from involving oneself in farm life in rural Kutch to observing local mirror making and mud work, from embroidery to birding, from visits to the iconic white desert on one day and beaches the next. The concept is designed to take you back in time, reminiscent of your grandmother’s home in your native village.


The property offers two kinds of accommodation. Two rooms are located in the main house and are made of earth and fly- ash bricks. The rooms have abundant natural light and insulation and are cozy and spacious. One has a beautiful view of the orchard from the windows and jharokhas. The rooms have ensuite bathrooms, comfortable beds and a tea/coffee maker. The verandahs outside the rooms have very inviting swings and one can access the lovely shaded terrace through a flight of stairs. There are also two small, cozy tents under Chikoo trees with two cots and a side table each. Each tent has its own plinth and has a lounging day cot outside under the shade of the trees. Each tent has a very unique outdoor bathroom right at the tent’s back that is made of kavelu (red ceramic roof tiles). The property is functional all year.


Authentic Kutchi vegetarian meals are provided here. All the fruits and vegetables are sourced from the farm itself or locally from the village nearby.

ideal for

The property is ideal for people who would like to experience authentic Kutchi lifestyle and culture. The highlight of the sightseeing is of course, the White Rann of Kutch. Writers, artists, etc., will find peace and solace for reflection and ideation. Birders and naturalists will find the surrounding areas of the property rich thanks to a thriving natural eco-system.

getting there

The property is in the district of Kutch in Gujarat. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

There are various activities available for one to do apart from lounging under the large mango trees, or various interesting corners of the main house. One can interact with locals and have an authentic rural Kutch experience simply by walking around the village. From observing artists creating their own embroidery and mud and mirror inlay, lacquer work to leather products, copper bells, hand loom, block printing, silver work and pottery, one can get to know the people behind the art. One can visit the wetland conservation reserves of the Rann, where migratory and endangered species visit during the monsoon and winter months. One can visit the desert on a full moon night, or the beautiful beach of Mandvi in the Gulf of Kutch area which also hosts a number of temples. The Kutch fossil park reveals a prehistoric ocean where the present day Rann exists. A rich heritage is reflected in its monuments, palaces of Bhuj and ruins of Lakhpat and Roha. Get in touch for bookings.


Starting at Rs. 2400 for tents and Rs. 3000 for the rooms inclusive of breakfast.

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