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Nestled atop a pristine Kumaoni village, with stunning views of Panchachuli peaks, the property includes luxuriously cozy tents set up in a clearing surrounded by oak, pine and rhododendron forest. The soundscape is such that the mornings and nights are so quiet that the wind rustling the pine needles sounds almost like ocean waves. The property offers a unique opportunity for travellers to interact with the locals. This integration is also reflected in the way the space of the property has been designed. One will not find barbed wires or fences demarcating the property from the village. A roughly hewn stone wall around the property stands before the property was built, but within this is also a small terraced farm of one of the villagers. The neighbors feel free to cross the property on their way back from the market. One can also stop them for a chat on their way back after collecting firewood in the forest nearby. Often they will stop for a friendly chat with the guests, the staff or the host. Almost every day, the goats of a local goatherd wander into the property on their way back home. Thus one truly gets a chance to not only observe, but also immerse oneself in village life.


The property provides stay in spacious luxury tents. Each tent is a suite and has a sitting area, a large bedroom and a furnished bathroom with running hot water. There is heating available and the host has incorporated many local elements to ensure that the tents stay warm even during the cold season. The property is functional all year.


Food offered at the property is Indian. Along with that, a Kumaoni touch is offered with some vegetables being prepared in the local style and condiments including the various Kumaoni salts. Guests have been known to be awed by the food that is on offer and the quality of the food since it is nutritious and tasty.

ideal for

The property is ideal for travellers who enjoy experiencing authentic village life, as well as immersing oneself in the same. Hikers, trekkers and rock climbers can find challenging trails nearby to explore as well.

getting there

The property is located in Kumaon region, between Almora and Ranikhet. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

One can enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings from the property itself. However, for the more adventurous, walks around the village, rock climbing, temple visits etc. can be arranged. The property owners also arrange foundation courses in photography and include their guests in the village fair if one happens to be visiting at the time. Get in touch for more details.


Starting at Rs. 7,000 for doubles.

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