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The stone cottages perched up a mountain top in a Kumaoni village and requires a short and easy hike from the road head. The highlight of the property is undoubtedly its location above the Ramganga river valley, surrounded by the biggest peaks. The village offers riveting 360 degree views of – Mt. Nanda Devi (7848 m), Mt. Nanda Kot (6861m) and Mt. Trishul (7120 m). The stunning views can get tiring for the eyes as you stare helplessly – from dawn to dusk, from twilight to starlight. The village is castaway from the mainland world is a pahadi island where you get to eat what is organically grown, meet the gentle, simple and content mountain people, birds and geckos, take hikes to mountain tops and meadows, or laze around in the high grass with no worries of the outside world. Here you are in the heart of the central Himalayan wilderness.


There are six stone cottages with ground bedding and cots, mats and sleeping bags or quilts ensure a comfortable stay in the wilderness. Hygienic toilet tents with w/c and running water flushes are also provided. Hammocks, lounging chairs, driftwood and campfire stools blending with the natural environment are interspersed at the campsite. Maintaining the natural jungle environment no electricity is used at the village. Kerosene/solar lanterns are used to light the camp adequately during the night. A true wilderness experience.


The village here is primarily agriculture based and one can feast on fresh organically grown high altitude vegetables particularly in the Autumn / Winter season. The kitchen provides wholesome and fresh Indian cuisine, with a special emphasis on local Kumaoni delicacies. Continental food can also be prepared on request. Tea/coffee/juices are served at regular intervals. Clean, filtered water is brought to the camp from the mountain spring.

ideal for

Ideal for those seeking the simple pleasures of life and can compromise on modern comforts. There’s everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay, but no fancy beds, room-service etc.

getting there

Located 211 km from Kathgodam. Drive 50 kms beyond Bageshwar town, tillage is an easy 2.5 kms short hike from the roadhead, your luggage can be transported to the ridge top in the rope trolley.

things to do

Short day hikes in the countryside to surrounding villages and places of interest. Savour delicious Kumaoni food in village homes. Deep relaxation with amazing views on all sides and endless cups of tea!


Starting at Rs. 2,625 per person inclusive of all meals.

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