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Mayel Lyang is a fairy land that borders the Kangchenjunga biosphere reserve in Northern Sikkim. It is bounded by the mighty Teesta river in the south-east, Tholung Chu river in the north-east and by immense mountains in the west. Mayel Lyang has been established as an official reserve for the Lepchas, the aboriginal inhabitants of Sikkim. It is a place of immense cultural conservation, where the indigenous Lepcha and their traditions are kept alive. The Cabin at Mayel Lyang is surrounded by beautiful valleys, glacial rivers, waterfalls and dense forests with unobstructed views of Mt. Kangchenjunga and Mt. Pandim


The wooden cabin is located in a remote area and consists of 2 double rooms and 1 quadruple room. There is no extra bed facility available. However, tents are available on request. The cabin comes with two unattached bathrooms (one Indian and one Western). The property is operational from October to May.


Food consists of organic homemade Sikkimese, Lepcha and Indian vegetarian and non vegetarian meals prepared by the host. You can also enjoy local millet brews!

ideal for

The property attracts people who prefer to go off the beaten path, experience authentic village life and a glimpse into the Lepcha culture. The property has jaw-dropping natural sights all around. It is absolutely disconnected from the modern world with no phone signals and services, so it isn’t for those who expect worldly comforts. Backpackers, artists, adventurers, solo travelers, hikers and trekkers, small groups, butterfly and bird enthusiasts will find great value in spending time at this property.

getting there

Getting here involves a 3 hour drive from Gangtok followed by crossing a river via bamboo bridge to the base of the village and then a short drive up the mountain to the cabin itself. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Hiking to different villages of Mayel Lyang spanning 1 hour to 2 days, trekking expeditions to Keushong lake and Tholung monastery. Get in touch for more details.

Visit the local shaman, drink locally brewed millet beer, play football with the locals etc. If you’re here during early monsoons, take part in planting paddy saplings.


Starting at Rs. 1,200 per person inclusive of all meals.

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