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Set in one of the highest regions of Coorg in terms of both altitude and rainfall, this unique plantation stay is nestled within 25 acres of a certified organic farm that’s been in operation for over three decades. Run by a supreme naturalist cum organic farmer and his multi-talented wife, the experience offers a chance to explore the unique biodiversity and landscape of this region. Known for its soft rolling hills, where lush tropical rainforests are wedged between rich grassland and fertile valleys, these tropical rainforests harbour a stunning array of life forms (many of which are seen nowhere else on the planet). The hosts use traditional methods to harvest their produce, be it roasting their coffee, picking and drying their tea and cardamom, or native strains of rice. They enjoy a diet that is almost entirely organic, including their dairy (from native breeds) while being actively involved in the replantation of native trees across the estate and restoring their paddy fields into a wetland area. Be prepared to witness in marvel a magnificent Champaka tree as you enter the property, estimated to be over 1500 years! During the summer rains, the entire estate is covered with millions of fireflies, making this a unique and unmissable experience. The property is a prime example of how sustainable agricultural practices can co-exist within a thriving forest ecosystem.


There are two categories of rooms within the coffee estate under rainforest trees, all with a lovely view of the lush natural surroundings. The first two rooms overlooking the valley are rustic in nature, yet warm and cosy, with a large porch under a traditional tiled roof, held by beautiful handcrafted wooden pillars and red oxide flooring. The rooms come with attached baths and a cute wooden attic. The highlight of this cottage is that you don’t see a single light source at night, only the stunning starry night. There are two additional planters cottages consisting of large rooms with attached bathrooms and a fireplace, surrounded by coffee and banana. These rooms are ideal for larger groups of five to six guests The property is operational throughout the year.


Expect freshly cooked, organic, seasonal, and nutritious meals at the property. From the jams, honey, bread, vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea, curry, and rice, everything is grown and harvested within the estate or sourced from ethical farms. The cuisine is typically South Indian with a wonderful spread and selection of dishes and, quite innovative with what they have in the pantry. The food served here is completely vegetarian.

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The property is ideal for budding farmers, people who would like to get a peek into ethical farming, naturalists, birders, hikers, daydreamers, and herpetology enthusiasts. A haven for art students, yoga and meditation retreats, stargazers, researchers, scientists, readers, and writers. Those who want to rest and rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul, will find the solitude and the quiet they seek here.

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The property is located about 12 km from Madikeri town. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

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Quiet walks around the estate watching birds and tracking their calls. Enjoy a guided estate tour with the host as he shows dives deeper into the perils of unethical, large-scale farming and how small farms can sustain large groups of the community using sustainable practices where organic agriculture and nature can co-exist. Depending on the season, you can see the timeline of a coffee berry, tea leaves, and spices. The region is also ideally situated to explore unique grassland and rainforest habitats with guided walks to traditional sacred groves, mountain tops, forests, and charming streams. The area is also home to over 200 species of birds, so it is ideal for birdwatchers. March – April is firefly season and the entire estate is lit up by these illuminating wonders of nature. Interestingly, one can even learn to grow their own food by working on the farm and also participate in various farm activities such as tea picking, coffee picking, vegetable gardening and even taking the cows out grazing!


Prices begin at Rs. 4,500 for doubles inclusive of breakfast.

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