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The Oasis is part of a unique project that combines ecotourism with sustainable agriculture and environmental education. The lodge was started in the mid 90’s, well before the homestay concept became a reality after multiple friends and families who visited and loved the energy. Situated on a certified organic farm in the tropical montane rainforests of the Western Ghats of Kodagu district in southern Karnataka, the Oasis is surrounded by rolling hills and densely forested valleys, this area is a paradise for nature lovers. One can experience the amazing biodiversity of the Western Ghats exploring remote idyllic valleys and tropical forests or even learn how coffee, cardamom, pepper, vanilla are sustainably cultivated under the shade of rainforest trees. The hosts have taken care to ensure that the property functions as off-the-grid as possible by using solar energy for lighting, water from the natural stream as well as sustainable agricultural practices that allow for healthy organic produce. The bird, reptile, and insect life here is astounding with many researchers and scientists visiting often to document rare species that are endemic to the Western Ghats. The property also boasts of a variety of Orchids that grow here along with a fresh natural stream that passes through the lower section. The hosts have remained intentionally small because it is the only way to stay truly self-sufficient, sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. This is a plastic-free zone and guests are expected to carry their dry waste with them back to the cities for responsible disposal. Through eco-friendly design, construction, and use of alternate energy, the Oasis maintains a minimal ecological footprint here.


The Oasis features 3 different types of accommodation to suit different tastes and budgets. Firstly, in the lower section of the property, there are two unique cottages that have been specially designed with natural beauty and comfort in mind and, over the years adorned with some lovely paintings and murals by friends and guests alike. Each cottage has two separate double bedrooms with attached baths and verandahs. In the upper section of the property, there is a lovely secluded cottage that is fully equipped with an attached kitchen to make it an ideal self-contained unit. It features 2 spacious bedrooms, attached bathrooms, and verandas. Finally, there are two mud huts for the solo, budget traveler with unattached bathrooms. Both the hosts and we encourage long-term stays and are active advocates for slow travel. All categories of accommodation are set in lush green natural surroundings and powered by eco-friendly 12V solar lighting. The dining, library, and device charging areas are is in the lower section of the property, so guests are expected to do the short 200m walk up and down for buffet-style meals set at specific timings.


The property is set on an organic plantation full of coffee, vanilla and a variety of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, kokum, ginger, and pepper, which are used in the preparation of Coorg and South Indian fare for guests. Ingredients that are not grown in-house are procured from other organic farms and local farmers. The food is healthy, light, and nutritious. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals available which are served in the common dining hall which is located in the lower section of the property and involves a short walk of 200m from the upper section.

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The property is ideal for the quiet traveller. It has attracted an interesting mix of visitors from all walks of life – scientists, artists, farmers, students, hippies, all linked together by a common love and respect for nature.

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The property is located about 12 kms from Madikeri town. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

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The hosts are ecologically smart and strive to maintain the space as naturally as possible. Marvel at the biodiversity that has been carefully created without disturbing the original identity of the region. Thanks to the reintroduction of native plants, orchids, and trees, the forest around now attracts native birds, insects, and small reptiles. The hosts offer a variety of activities such as guided treks along scenic hills and shola forests, an informative plantation tour, excellent birding opportunities, and interesting night walks. Full-day guided treks are available at an additional cost which needs to be pre-booked. The area is also safe and accessible for self-exploration. Those interested in trying a hand at farming can spend time at the plantation and help out. The library is filled with books ranging from different subjects from philosophy, bio-diversity, history to sustainable farming.


Prices for doubles start at Rs. 2,500 for the mud huts and Rs. 4,000 for the cottages. inclusive of lodging, breakfast, and a plantation tour.

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