the space

A contemporary and responsible farmhouse located barely two hours away from the city of Bangalore. The property has been designed by a family of architects committed to the betterment of construction practices. Over the last three decades, they have built an extensive portfolio featuring great diversity; from eco-homes, group housing to luxury resorts, conservation, and welfare projects for the underprivileged. They have incorporated a fondness for indigenous art, admiration for the natural world, conscious design techniques, and natural materials into this space. The open layout, minimal walls, high ceilings, layered and sloping Mangalore tile roofs with glass inlays allow ample natural sunlight and cross ventilation allowing the home to spill into the lush surrounding greenery. Almost all the construction material used is either procured or produced locally in an attempt to stay true to the vision of being ecologically sound and maintaining a zero-waste construction site. The choice of local materials is made at the time of conception and is maintained until the final finishes. In addition to this, the property also employs three locals from the nearby village as caretaker, security, and cook. Truly, a home where nature, art, and architecture meet.


The self-catered property comes with three bedrooms including one in the loft, attached bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, an L-shaped infinity pool, an outdoor sit-out area with a wood fire oven, parking for 2-4 cars, and ample open, green spaces to walk around or relax in. One arm of the pool is 3.5 ft deep and the other is 14 ft, so non-swimmers need to be careful. The total occupancy is 20 guests with extra beds and is operational throughout the year.


Since this is a fully self-catered property, you can prepare your meals in the kitchen. Basic ingredients will be available to use, but you will have to procure the main and specific ingredients from the city. The house help can prepare a basic meal for you at an extra cost while the caretaker will be happy to procure the ingredients for you. She can prepare delicious South Indian meals such as idlis, dosas, rice, curry, sambar, etc.

ideal for

As a rule, and to maintain the exclusivity of the experience, only one group of travelers are allowed at the property at a time. Ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends looking for a quick getaway from the city. Pets allowed but you will have to clean up after them.

getting there

Located just 1.5 hours away from Bangalore, across the Karnataka border in the state of Tamil Nadu. Your vehicles (3-4 cars) can be safely parked within the property itself. Accurate details and location pin will be shared at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Usual activities here involve early morning and evening walks around the nearby fields, swimming or lounging in the pool, catching beautiful views of the sunset straight from the balcony, and watching birds like the Paradise Fly Catcher, Grey Hornbills who visit in and around these parts frequently. However, the highlight and most popular activity here is to relax and do nothing but read a book and forget about city life you left behind.


Prices start at Rs. 9,150 for weekday nights up to 7 adults.

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