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This farm stay is an excellent example of regional Malvan culture and unique coastal Konkani traditions. Take the concept of slow and rejuvenating travel to a whole new level by staying at the Betelnut plantation. Located in a remote part of the Konkan belt, a place still unknown to most locals, the property is a private haven for those who want to enjoy staying amidst a plantation amongst numerous trees! Experience living in perfect micro temperate climatic conditions and a tropical feel thus offering an abundant, pollution-free and rich environment for nature lovers. Safe to say that the weather is always pleasant here.


The farmstay has 6 rooms designed using local materials that reflect traditional Malvan architectural styles. Attention to detail is something that this farmstay can be credited for, from placing betel leaves as coasters under the copper glasses and water jug to serving food in authentic wooden dishes with coconut shells spoons. All rooms come with modern attached baths and can accommodate an extra bed each. The rooms are extremely private and tastefully maintained. The property is functional all year.


The host’s family prepares homemade, organic and traditional Malvan style food on a wood-fired stove (vegetarian and non vegetarian options available).

ideal for

The property is ideal for families, couples, groups and people who want to experience living on a plantation and explore authentic Konkani culture and village life.

getting there

Located about 20 kms from the town of Kudal, the farm stay is in a village off the tourist map. A short walk of 200 meters, crossing a betel-nut trunk bridge over a beautiful water stream is necessary. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

The host guides one through plateau and plantation walks while sharing great knowledge about the area and nature of plants. The hosts are also open to having visitors in the kitchen to observe the traditional way of homestyle cooking. One can try their hand at pottery while beach and backwater visits are popular here as well.


Starting at Rs. 3,500 for singles and Rs. 4,500 for doubles.

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