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Originally built out of stone, wood and mud in the mid 60’s for the forest officer of Himachal Pradesh, the lodge is a traditional Himachali home that has been tastefully renovated and restored to include modern amenities. The surrounding mountainscapes of the Pir Pinjal range are quick to activate one’s senses while surrounding waterfalls and alpine meadows assist those with a penchant for exploration and adventure. Moreover, one can traverse through the arts and crafts of Chamba with local experts. The Forest officer’s lodge offers country living at its best, with an old world charm that takes one back a few decades in time. The lodge is set amidst plum and apple orchards with only the sounds of birds, water and farm animals for company. It truly guides the path for one to express gratitude towards the beauty and simplicity of nature.


The house comes with four double rooms, attached bathrooms with a provision for one extra bed in two of the rooms. In keeping with the ecologically conscious attitude of the hosts, solar energy powers hot water facilities round the clock. During the winter months, room heaters and electric blankets are available too. The lodge has a common dining and lounge area on the ground floor. A cozy sitting room on the first floor which has a covered viewing deck is perfect for bird watchers, writers, yoga enthusiasts and the likes. The lodge has a small garden on the outside with a fire pit and a quaint yard in front of the kitchen. The property is pet friendly and functional all year.


Meals comprise of healthy, authentic Himachali food which is made using seasonal, locally sourced vegetables and fruits. Local produce is used for meals as well as to encourage and support local farmers and their families.

ideal for

The property is ideal for writers, adventurers, bird watchers and anglers. Yoga and wellness retreats can be held at the property with prior notice.

getting there

The journey to this 7-acre wonderland is something else! Drive through long stretches of forest, remote mountain lakes and rustic Himalayan villages all whilst viewing the ice glazed peaks of the Pir- Pangal range.The property is located in an unexplored valley in Chamba district. Accurate details will be provided at the time of confirmation.

things to do

Apple picking (Aug- Sept), collecting wild honey, viewing migratory birds at Pong dam, Bhaba valley trek, drive to Paddri pass. Get in touch to book in advance.

If you visit in the summer, you spend the days exploring meadows at 10,000+ feet or hanging out by the river. In the winter bonfires and starry skies will be your companions.


Starting at Rs. 2,000 for singles and Rs. 2,500 for doubles.

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