the space

The Grassland Cottage is sandwiched in between three wildlife sanctuaries situated at 2000m above sea level. One can spot bison, several species of deer, giant squirrels and a variety of bird species around the area. The property, spanning over acres of lush meadows, a greenhouse, ponds, pine groves and a garden with several herbal, medicinal and ornamental flowers, is truly a nature lover’s paradise. A bonfire area in front of the cottage overlooks the pine forest on the other side of the property. Water for baths is traditionally heated on wood fire, infused with the goodness of eucalyptus leaves and oil. The perfect place to relax, rewind and rejuvenate!


The stone cottage comes with 2 spacious rooms with wooden interiors, consisting of double beds, attached baths and a fireplace. Extra beds and extra rooms are available for larger groups. A large sill as extra seating area by the large windows offers the rooms a very colonial feel. The property is operational all year.


Locally sourced organic veg and non veg food is prepared with love and heart by the caretakers. Breakfasts include typical South Indian cuisine such as idlis, dosas and vadas, served with a homemade family recipe tomato chutney which is beautifully balanced in spice and tang.

ideal for

The cottage is suitable for families, groups, solo travelers, writers, bird watchers etc.

getting there

A 1.5 hour scenic drive away from the hustle and bustle of Kodaikanal town through mountain lakes, terrace gardens, villages and pine forests brings one to this hidden sanctuary of tranquility. The cottage is located beyond the Mannavanur area. Accurate details will be given at the time of confirmation.

things to do

A picturesque walk to a lake nearby in the morning or evening time, nature trails through plantations and hiking. Bird and wildlife watchers and enthusiasts can also catch rare species here if lucky. Evenings are spent enjoying the bonfire.


Prices starting at Rs. 2,500 per person inclusive of all meals.

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